About SlideMagic
SlideMagic is a software and design company based in Tel Aviv, Israel. At the core of SlideMagic is a patented approach to slide design that is reflected in our desktop app for Windows and Mac. This app taps into a growing online template bank full of slides layouts that makes creating business presentations a lot easier.
Jan Schultink
Jan Schultink is the Founder and CEO of SlideMagic who has been in the business of presentations for more than 25 years. The first decade as a strategy consultant with McKinsey & Company in Amsterdam and London, then as a boutique investment presentation designer. In his own firm, he created thousands of presentations for Fortune 500 companies, startups, institutional investors and VC firms all over the world.

Usually, people that create presentations fall in 2 groups: the first understands business, but has no feel for design. The second, exactly the other way around. Jan is one of the very few who bridges these two worlds.

Jan has a MSc in Computer Science from Twente University, and an MBA from INSEAD

SlideMagic Ltd. is an Israeli entity that runs all operations (company number 513453746). SlideMagic B.V. is a Dutch company that handles the payment processing (KvK number 70187967, EU VAT number NL8581654B01). "SlideMagic" is a registered trade mark. The company was founded as Axiom One Ltd. in 2003, has done business as IdeaTransplant, but has changed its legal name and brand to "SlideMagic".